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Our Products

Cooling with ambient air

  • TopTherm fan-and-filter units
  • Rack-mounted fans/tangential fans
  • Fan systems
  • Air/air heat exchangers

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Cooling units

  • Cooling units
  • Thermoelectric cooler
  • Wall-mounted cooling units
  • Roof-mounted cooling units
  • Modular climate control concept

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Liquid cooling

  • Air/water heat exchangers
  • Cold Plate
  • Chillers for water

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CS Outdoor climate control

  • Air/air heat exchangers and cooling units for CS Toptec
  • Air/air heat exchangers and cooling units for CS modular enclosures

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Enclosure heaters

Condensation poses a particular risk for control electronics, especially with outdoor siting, but also indoors. A range of output categories ensures that the correct thermal output is always available. In this way, the total required thermal output can be distributed with complete accuracy within an enclosure.

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